My Greatest Temptation

Ok folks Here it is. My all-time favourite snack!

aka Japanese Soybean

I am not a vegetarian, actually consider myself a meat and potatoes (with gravy) kinda gal, but when I came across these I definitely stopped eating chips and excess amounts of chocolate!Not only are edamame a great source of Protein, but also a great snack.

Preparation – the easy way:

Place frozen edamame into a microwavable dish, put about 1/4 inch of water in and cover with lid. Cook in Microwave on high for approximately 3 minutes or until steaming hot. be careful not to overcook.

Remove them from the microwave, pour out the water and toss the beans in 1/4tbsp of sea salt or to taste, Enjoy! (I prefer to dip them in Franks RedHot hot sauce for an added kick.
How to eat:
pick up a pod with fingers place entire pod in your mouth, gently bit down with your teeth and while sliding it out of your mouth the beans should just pop right out. Or you can simply pop the bean out with your fingers and enjoy that way. Don’t eat the shell. I’d take a picture of myself eating them but I’m not that talented. Hope you are eble to enjoy them as much as I do!

They are great accompanied by a cold beer 🙂


7 Responses to My Greatest Temptation

  1. j says:

    Yum! Edamame! Deee–lish-ous!

  2. islandarts says:

    once again, a healthy snack i don’t like. Somebody shoot me.

    I just can’t get over the ‘woody pea’ taste. Poo.

    You make them look so good!

  3. Suzanne says:

    IA – I think when you had them it was a bad batch cause they don’t taste woody. They are known as the sweet bean 🙂

  4. islandarts says:

    Woody is a reference to the hard grainy texture not the taste so much. it tasted like a pea that had spent too much time in the garden.
    I may give them another try anyway… All i hear is rants about those damn things.

  5. Alicat says:

    wooo cool. I’ve never tried those! I snacked on sugar snap peas today and felt VERY healthy, although I drank pop and ate pizza all night..sooo… :o)

    Great blog girl!! Looking forward to reading more..

  6. JeepGirl says:

    Cool – never heard of them. I’ll have to check out the grocery store.
    Right now for some odd reason, I’m addicted to baby spinach leaves. I’d rather have them then lettuce in a salad. Not cooked, the fresh ones.

  7. reluctant housewife says:

    YUM! Nice idea…

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